Do Bathrooms have to be white?

When it comes to designing your home, the bathroom is often an overlooked space. People tend to default to the classic, all-white bathroom, but bathrooms don’t have to be white. Choosing the right colours for your bathroom can affect the whole feel of what is an essential room, so how do you choose the perfect colour scheme for your bathroom?

The Basics of How Colours Work in Design

Before diving into colour options, let’s look at the basics of the role that colour plays in interior design. Colours can evoke different emotions and create atmosphere in a room. In the bathroom, where most of us start and end our day, the choice of colours can have an impact on our mood and comfort.

  • Neutral Tones: Neutral colours like white, beige, and light grey can make a bathroom feel clean, fresh, and open. They provide a timeless feel, and a blank canvas for the rest of the room. They are ideal for small spaces.
  • Cool Blues and Greens: These colours often bring about a sense of calm and tranquillity, making them perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere. Light blues and soft greens are great choices if this is your goal.
  • Warm Hues: Colours like soft yellows, peach, or even shades of pink can add warmth make a bathroom feel cosy and inviting.
  • Dramatic Dark Tones: Deep blues, rich purples, and charcoal grays can feel dramatic and sophisticated. They make a great contrast to the standard white fixtures of a bathroom.

Choosing Colours for a Small Bathroom

The size of your bathroom is an important factor to consider when selecting colours. In smaller bathrooms, light colours can make the space feel more significant and open. White or soft pastels can create an illusion of space. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate bold patterns, and bright coloured accessories, which can add personality to a small bathroom.

In larger bathrooms, you have more flexibility in your colour choices. You can experiment with darker colours, create accent walls, or use a combination of colours to define different areas within the bathroom.

What is Your Style?

Your personal style and the overall design of your home should influence your choice of bathroom colours. If you have a modern home with sleek lines and minimalist designs, you might prefer a monochromatic colour scheme. For a more traditional or rustic look, you can opt for warmer colours or earthy tones. Don’t hesitate to mix and match colours and materials to create a unique bathroom design that aligns with your personal style.

Practical Considerations

Aside from style, you have to consider the practical aspects of your bathroom. High humidity and moisture levels make bathrooms unique spaces when it comes to paint and finishes. You should make sure that you choose moisture-resistant paints and materials that can withstand the conditions of the bathroom.

So no, bathrooms do not have to be white. The choice of colours for your bathroom should be a reflection of your personal style, the size of the space, and the mood you want to create. By exploring different colour options before you make a decision, you can transform your bathroom into a beautiful and functional room that suits your taste and needs.

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