Boiler Brand Spotlight: Vaillant

For more than a century, Vaillant has held its position as one of the UK’s most trusted boiler brands because of their commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with cost-effectiveness, making their high-quality boilers a household favourite.

Vaillant’s award-winning boilers have gained notoriety for their reliability, performance, and impressive efficiency. When considering different various boiler options, we all consider how efficient they are, and how much they cost, and Vaillant is competitive for both factors. It also helps that their confidence in their technology is so high that their boilers come with warranties that extend up to a generous 7 years!

Operating in the UK, Vaillant is a proud member of the global Vaillant Group, a company with a remarkable history spanning over 140 years. It remains family-owned, even as it supplies its products to more than 20 countries across the world.

Sustainable heating is central to the Vaillant Group and its operation.” Klaus Jesse – Managing Director Valliant UK & Ireland

As the second-largest European manufacturer in heating technologies, and with a growing emphasis on sustainability and renewable energy sources, the Vaillant Group is dedicated to developing products that harness renewable energy, such as heat pumps and solar thermal systems, and we are Vaillant Approved Installers for heat pumps. Valliant’s pioneering work extends to hybrid systems, which seamlessly combine renewable energy sources with heating appliances, resulting in highly efficient and intelligent systems.

What makes Vaillant boilers particularly popular in the UK is their combination of efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness. Thanks to their distinctive shape and compact design, they easily fit into any home, delivering powerful performance. Furthermore, Vaillant’s steadfast commitment to energy efficiency means their boilers incorporate cutting-edge environmentally friendly technology, achieving an impressive 98% efficiency rating. To put this in perspective, in the UK an A-rated boiler is only required to operate at 90% efficiency.

Vaillant is renowned in the industry for its innovative, modern technology. They were among the first UK boiler brands to introduce their customer app, the vSmart Control app. This revolutionary app empowers customers to control their heating temperature conveniently from their mobile devices, regardless of their location.

“Our constant drive to provide leading levels of customer service and training support helps to demonstrate why our customers continually recommend Vaillant – the ultimate endorsement any brand could ask for.” Klaus Jesse – Managing Director Valliant UK & Ireland

Despite their groundbreaking advancements in technology, Vaillant maintains a philosophy of “keeping it simple.” They offer a multitude of support channels for their boiler owners, ensuring that everyone can access the assistance they require, in a manner that suits their preferences.

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