How To Save Money On Your Heating This Winter

There is no getting away from the fact that we need our heating on, but with the cost-of-living crisis, and the rising costs of fuel, it is not something many of us enjoy doing!  Last year people admitted to spending more time at the office or out of the house just to limit how long their radiators were on for, but is avoiding your home the only solution?

Here are a few ideas for saving money on your energy bills during the coldest months of the year without sacrificing a cosy home.

Turn Down the Thermostat

You don’t have to go mad and turn your heating down to the lowest setting – according to the Energy Savings Trust, by turning down your thermostat by just one degree you can reduce your energy bills by up to ten percent!

Bleeding your Radiators

Air can become trapped inside your radiators, meaning that water does not circulate properly. This can mean your radiators take longer to heat up, and you use more energy – and spend more money. Bleeding your radiators can eliminate this problem and increase efficiency throughout your whole system.

Service your Boiler

If your boiler is not running as efficiently as it should, then that can cost you more money each month. Check that your boiler service is up to date, and if it has been a while, it may be worth getting an engineer out before it starts to snow. If your boiler is older, and no longer as friendly to your wallet or your carbon footprint, you might want to consider replacing your old one with a newer, more efficient boiler.  Get in touch and we can provide a free quote so you can see if it really will save you money

Upgrade Your Insulation

Poor insulation can lead to more heat escaping from your home.  There are some government schemes available to help with the cost of insulating your home – have a search to see if you are eligible.  You never know!

Consider a Smart Thermostat

Tools like Hive, Google Nest, and Tado can help to reduce your fuel bills by regulating the heat in your home automatically – ensuring it isn’t too hot or too cold.  You can even control your boiler remotely using your phone.  They also offer the same heating schedule functions as normal programmable thermostats.

Chimneys, Windows & Doors

A lot of heat can escape up a chimney, through windows and in spaces around doors. You can cap a chimney; or for a more budget-friendly option that is easy to install, you could choose a chimney balloon. Additionally, something as simple as closing your curtains and using some draught excluders around your doors can help keep heat from escaping your rooms and help you to save money.

If you need some advice about how to improve your central heating system, get in touch and we’ll be happy to come and check out your current set up and advise what can be done to keep your home warmer for less.