Boiler Brand Spotlight: Ideal

Ideal Heating is one of our favourite brands to install, and we have plenty of reasons why.  Their range goes from budget to luxury, but the best-selling Ideal boilers tend to be cheaper.  That means that some customers shy away from them because they think that less cost equals lower quality, but when it comes to Ideal, you get more than you pay for! 

Ideal has been a boiler manufacturer since 1906 and they are based in the UK.  They’ve built a reputation for having competitively priced, reliable boilers, and offering some of the longest warranties available, up to 10 years!  Here are some other reasons why we recommend Ideal Boilers:


They have won multiple Good Housekeeping awards, and in Heatable’s recent rundown of the best combi-boilers on the market, Ideal came 4th!  Heatable even referred to the Ideal Vogue Combi-Boiler as “A god of boilers”!

Quiet & Efficient

Many of Ideal’s boilers, like the Ideal Logic+ are Quiet Mark Certified, an award identifying the quietest appliances on the market, which is a bonus if your boiler is in the kitchen.  Many of the boilers are also endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust for their outstanding efficiency.


Ideal boilers are designed to squeeze into cupboards and tight spaces – like we said they are built in the UK for the UK market, and no one has space to spare in their homes!

Long Warranties

The average standard warranty of an Ideal combi boiler is an impressive 7 years! Ideal Vogue Combi Boiler, which is considered their mid-range boiler, comes with an outstanding 10-year warranty!


The biggest reason we love Ideal Boilers is that they are so easy for our customers to use. No confusing symbols that you need the manual to decode, just really straightforward displays and controls.

So when we recommend you an Ideal Heating Boiler, it’s because we really believe in the brand.  It’s what this writer has in her home (installed by the Installation Centre team of course!).  Get in touch for a free quote and find out more about the other Boiler brands we are certified to install.