Mixing Classic and Contemporary Design in Your Kitchen

When you are deciding on a style for your new kitchen, the first decision is usually ‘modern or traditional’.  What if you didn’t have to choose – what if you could blend contemporary and classic styles to create your ideal kitchen?  Here are some ideas on how to design a kitchen that looks amazing for years to come.

Start With Timeless Choices

Our first tip is to start by embracing the timeless elegance of classic design elements. Classic kitchens often use rich materials like wood and marble. By incorporating these traditional elements, you set the foundation for a kitchen that is sophisticated and classically stylish.

Introduce Modern Elements

Then you can contrast the classic foundation with sleek modern elements. Stainless steel appliances, handleless cabinets, and a neutral colour palette are key components of contemporary design.  Think about what makes a kitchen look modern – like clean lines, minimalist hardware, and smart appliances.  By choosing some modern touches you can make the design seem fresh and up-to-date.

Blend them with a Neutral Palette

Both modern and classic kitchens work well in a neutral colour palette, and it can serve as a unifying factor when blending traditional and contemporary styles.  Whites, creams, and greys create a neutral backdrop that allows both traditional and modern elements to work and stops your kitchen design from looking haphazard!  If plainer colours aren’t your taste, you can always incorporate colour with your accessories and light fixtures.  Or choose ‘retro’ colour tones like the Smeg ranges to add personality without tipping the design too far towards modern or traditional.

Mix Your Materials

You can mix the warmth of classic materials with the coolness of modern finishes to strike a perfect balance. For example, a classic hardwood floor with sleek, polished countertops (or visa versa!). Glass elements like splashbacks work well in both modern and classic designs.

Or, Play with the Contrasts

If this approach seems too subtle for you, then why don’t you play with contrasts to highlight the unique features of each style?  You could have a classic farmhouse sink against a backdrop of modern quartz countertops. Or have both vintage-inspired pendant lights with high-tech under-cabinet lighting.

By blending traditional elegance with modern functionality, you can create a kitchen that skips past the trends and provides a timeless backdrop for years to come. To arrange your free kitchen quotation from The Installation Centre, get in touch!